This privacy policy applies to the apps named Torsby Skidtunnel, Skidome, Skitrac and MidSweden365 Indoor Skiing produced by Tractivity AB (559120-0422, Rorstrandsgatan 54, S-113 40 Stockholm, Sweden, This app does not gather any personal data and act anonymously to you. As an example, the app does NOT collect mobile identity, your name or other contact details for yourself or from your stored contact information.

Personal information

It is possible to set an alias in the app. This defaults to the mobile type and a random number. Please refrain from choosing an alias that can be linked to your person. All data is transferred and stored encrypted/safely. No data is shared to any third party for any reason without your explicit conscent.

Location data

This app use location data to determine position in the training facility. This information is solely used for calculation of time/distance/laps made in the training facility. This data is not linked to any person.

On your specific request, it is possible to export data from your run to “health hubs”. Currently supported services are Apple HealthKit / Google Fit / Strava (using the identification mechanism provided by respective service). The app does not read any data from these services. Location data is never sold or shared to any third party without your explicit conscent.

Contact information